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Coaches in Training

Coaches in Training and Team Captians

As part of the team's mission to empower youth the team provides leadership opportunities for experienced and qualified swimmers. Over the years, we have witnessed this program build confidence and foster strong team bonds. Swimmers in these roles will assist Coaches and Jr. Coaches and the team in general. If your swimmer is interested in applying for one of these positions please read on. 

Coach in Training (CIT’s)

  • Able follow guidance from  Coach or Jr Coach 
  • Able to fill in or run a full group of more than 3 lanes
  • Able to coach multi levels of athletes at one time
  • Apply here

Team Captains

The role and responsibility of Team Captains is as follows:

During practices captains will:

  • Organize and facilitate activities
  • Organize and facilitate team building events
  • Help run dryland practices
  • Cheers
  • Lead Setup or break down
    • flags
    • lane lines
    • Gear
    • Trash pick up

During meets captains will:

  • Assist with team location Setup
  • Assist with team warm up and dryland
  • Be present and assist if asked by coaches with team awards at end of the meet
  • Athlete to coach contact (go to and from team member to Coach, Assistant Coach and US Swim Jr Coaches)


  • Person will be part of coaching group in some way as directed by head coach or assistant coaches


  • Be a point of contact to lead other team members to appropriate people to help with whatever needs and concerns they have.
  • Above all respect all other team members and be an example of excellent sportsmanship


  • Show interest in the role
  • want to be a leader
  • Show Commitment to team and sport
  • committed to be at 80% of all practices
  • committed to be at 90% of all events
  • committed to be at 90% of all meets
  • Show knowledge of sport
  • knowledge but not perfection of the strokes and events
  • Demonstrate a willingness to learn from peers
    • true leaders understand the importance of always being a learner
  • Be an example of kindness and compassion for other team members
  • Be there for team members, able to listen and advise if needed
  • Take Initiative:
  • Be willing to do what is needed without being told by Coaching staff
  • Great Attitude:
  • Must have positive attitude no matter what the situation is and lead with kindness
  • Apply

Application Process:

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