SafeSport Course Requirement for Swimmers 12+

A new requirement for swim team this year is that our swimmers who are age 12 and above will be required to complete a SafeSport course. This course is available at no cost and can be done by Zoom or online with parent supervision. Even if you are not sure if you will register for swim team, this is a requirement that can be fulfilled now so that your swimmer is ready to start when practice opens. Please have your swimmer do this course without registering for USA Swim (we want to hold off because date of registration affects cost and availability of number of sanctioned meets that may be attended and it’s a bit early this year to sign up for this until we have more information). Parents can also take the parent portion of the training. All the points will accumulate to help us become Safe Sport Recognized by USA Swimming and potentially earn much needed grant money!!!! My 12 year old already did the Zoom course and it was pretty easy and straightforward. The link to access this online: 

https://learn.usaswimming.org/registration. From this link, create an account under “non-member” access. This area indicates it’s for parents. Once you register as a parent and walk out the safesport in your cart (no fee, no credit card info required), there will be two courses that can be taken for credit: one for the parent and one for the athlete. The Zoom information is as follows: The Zoom Meetings hosted by USA Swimming, Safe Sport start TODAY for Parents, and will run weekly. The schedule is as follows: Starting April 22nd, athletes and parents need only attend one of the weekly Zoom trainings Parents: Every Wednesday 3:004:00pm EST https://learn.usaswimming.org/registration. Athletes: Every Thursday 3:004:00pm EST https://learn.usaswimming.org/registration. Coaches: Every Friday 3:004:00pm EST https://learn.usaswimming.org/registration. When you or your swimmer takes the course, please email me at ssstkimcenteno@gmail.com with information about the date and time they did the course and whether it was online or through Zoom. This way I can forward the information to USA Swim to get official confirmation.

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