County Meet Update!!!

As always, we hope this communication finds you all well. We have been working very hard to make sure we can enjoy as much of a normal swim season as possible in these very abnormal times. We have good news and bad news so I'm going to start with the bad but STAY TUNED for the good (second half of email)!!!

To that end, there has been much discussion by Sierra Nevada about how we are able to proceed with swim meets and it has been determined that, due to the most recent shutdowns in California, meets that would have been between counties can be held virtually. There are a lot of challenging stipulations in order to meet the requirements set forth to participate in a virtual meet and the end result is that times will be unofficial and no awards will be, well, awarded. As a result, we have opted out of participating in virtual meets. However, we will be holding two meets at our pool (county meet Saturday, July 25th and intersquad meet Sunday, July 26th).

We have modified our procedures so we may continue to hold a county meet since we are all under the same public health directions and continue to experience a low number of active COVID cases compared to surrounding counties. Our county meet will be held Saturday, July 25th with events kicking off at 9 a.m. and our usual grueling 8:00 a.m. warm-ups. The meet will look very different than past meets in the following ways: 

1) Spectators are NOT allowed on deck at any time (due to restrictions of numbers of people on deck and the need to allow for the numbers to accommodate swimmers, officials and volunteers who are essential to the function of the meet). Anyone who is not swimming and is on deck is required to wear a face mask. Several people will also be required to wear gloves.

2) We will be placing grass paint on the area between the pool building and the park to designate where personal canopies may be placed and the markers will be spaced six feet apart. We are requesting that only family members or people who have previously been socializing with each other during quarantine are within a given canopy space. We really need your cooperation for this as we set up!!!! 

3) We will not allow personal canopies on the grass area by the fence surrounding the pool. This area is to be reserved for spectators to watch their swimmer race since this is as close as they can get. We request that spectators view their athletes heat and then retreat to allow other spectators this same opportunity. Please respect this request as we all want to support our athlete(s)!!! 

4) We will be running five lanes with two timers in each lane. Timers will be required to wear mask and gloves and we are requesting that each pair of lane timers be from the same family or have socialized prior to this event. We are doing two hour timing blocks due to the need to sanitize stopwatches between timers.

5) We will be running a concessions stand. All volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves when handling food items. No items may be returned even if they are unopened. 

6) There may be things I am forgetting to mention that the board has discussed over many hours over the last several weeks so please forgive me. We are working very hard to make sure everyone who chooses to participate, as well as our surrounding community, feel safe.

You may begin to register your athlete for county meet by going to our website on swimtopia and clicking on the "Meets and Events" Tab and then clicking on the "Signup Calendar" to the left (or by hovering over Meets and Events and clicking on Signup Calendar below it). Registration is open for county meet. Please go to the website and click on this area so you can indicate whether or not your athlete intends to attend. Registration ends July 23rd at 5:00 pm. Once you have registered your athlete, you may select which events they want to participate in (for swimmers age 12 and under, we may have to eliminate one event so they are registered for a maximum of four events plus relay rather than the five available - this will be determined this week and affected athletes will be advised by email to modify their selections as appropriate if we need to reduce the number of events they may participate in - this has to do with USA Swim regulations).

Parents!!!! If you are signing your athlete up to participate in county meet, we are requiring you to sign up for a single volunteer shift during the event. Sign ups for this are located on the tab to the right of where you sign your athlete up. If you forget to sign up for an event, we will gladly choose one for you. If all shifts are filled, please email me at centenodds@gmail.com and we can make arrangements to split shifts with other volunteers as appropriate. And thank you. We need all the help we can get. I know all the Board Members with participating athletes will be working from early in the morning until the wee hours.

This meet will, as usual, have recognition for winning the heat in some form, as well as ribbons (1st-8th), trophies for high point scorers (1st-3rd) and team trophy for winning team.

As far as the Intersquad meet that will be run on Sunday, we are working out the details so this event hasn't been opened on registration either for athletes or for parent volunteers. For those of you who are new to our team or new to competition, intersquad meet is a great opportunity for our teammates to swim against each other in a more relaxed setting while still showing off their skills. We don't have ribbons or trophies for intersquad meet, rather the swimmers will be participating for "pride not prize" and it's a really fun event. 

Participation by the athletes is not a requirement in these meets. We understand that everyone's comfort level with regards to potential exposure varies greatly and we certainly respect your decision to opt out if you see fit. We request that you also respect we are working very hard to keep everyone safe, to avoid contributing to the spread of coronavirus amongst each other or within our county and it is with vastly weighed out, lengthy discussions that we have opted to proceed. For those who choose to participate, we will be enforcing mask/glove requirements as appropriate on the pool deck and will be spacing swimmers with markings six feet apart outside the pool deck since they will be unable to bring masks within the pool deck. We will continue to utilize the dip tanks that are heavily chlorinated for swimmers to use prior to warm-ups followed by a rinse of caps/goggles in the pool water to rinse their gear off. It is critical they rinse gear off before placing these items on their faces!!!!

I will send out additional information as it becomes available, including advising you when registration is open for intersquad.

I hope you're all having a great week, that your kiddos are enjoying swimming as much as we're enjoying watching them and we hope to see you all there!!!


Kim Centeno

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