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Equipment Needed

SWIM SUITS —Please have your child wear an appropriate swim suit to practice. We do not recommend sun shirts or sun suits as they will slow the swimmers down and inhibit their stroke development. You do not need to wear your team suit to practice.

SSST CAP — Please write your child's name in black sharpie clearly and largely on the caps. Children look the same in suits, goggles, and caps; this will help the coaches identify and learn your swimmers name during the first month of practice.

FINS/KICKBOARDS — The team provides both fins and kickboards to use in training.

GOGGLES — There are many goggles made for "kid-sized-eyes." We would suggest trying on a few goggles for fit. Speedo, TYR, and Water Gear all make simple goggles that should offer a good fit for children. Take the goggles carefully out of the box. Place eye pieces on eyes. Press lightly but firmly. If it is a good fit the goggles should seal and stay "sucked-on" the eye socket area for a few seconds. And, while the large lenses may work great for snorkeling — remember that's not what we're doing at the pool. Super-sized goggles don't stay on as easily when diving in. We also recommend getting a second spare set of goggles for the meets.

TEAM T-SHIRT — Team shirts and sweatshirts are for sale on our Sportsmens Den site. LINK

SSST TEAM SUIT — Team suits are not required, but are encouraged.  Due to lack of availability of previous brand/style of team suits and the transitions during COVID, previous year's Phoenix suit or a solid navy suit are acceptable for sanctioned swim meets.

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