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Welcome New South Siskiyou Swim TeamFamilies

We are so glad you decided to join our team! In 2022, we had nearly 90 swimmers!

Below you will find some tips that we hope will answer your questions and make it easier for you as you start on this new adventure! BUT, please always feel free to ask questions. 

As we go through the season, the team website will have information regarding schedules, practices, meets, etc.  Some things to look for:

  • PRACTICES tab is where you will find the practice schedule for your child’s/childrens’ age group/s.  The swim practice guidelines are, and swimmer equipment is also listed under this tab.  NOTE: the schedule for June may be different than the schedule starting in July.
  • SWIM MEETS tab is where you will the schedule of meets.  Meets are optional, but we do encourage swimmers to try them.  Registration for the swim meets is through swimconnection, You will find Heat Sheets for each meet and official meet results. TIP: Heat Sheets are typically posted 1 day before each meet. If you want a copy to look at during the meet, it is simplest to print this out at home. Please be aware changes might be made during the meet but you can get a pretty good idea of your swimmers’ events and schedule this way. Official meet results are usually posted on the website within a day or so but event results are printed and posted as they are confirmed at each meet.


  • Swimmers should arrive with suit, goggles, swim cap, water bottle, and towel. Kickboards and fins will be provided by the team for use during practice, as appropriate, however practice will start faster if your child comes with their own fins and don't have to spend time adjusting the size!


  • Meets typically start around 8:30 to 9:00 am with a warm-up time usually around 7:00-7:30 am and run until 1-2 pm. The swimconnection website will have the check-in time listed for each meet. This is the time that your swimmer/s need to check-in at the check-in table out front. At that time, they will confirm their events and will write them in sharpie on their arm.  Most swimmers will swim 3 individual events and 1-2 relay events.
  • Only one parent per family needs to volunteer but you must volunteer if your child is participating in a meet as the meet directors require volunteers to officiate and sit in timing chairs. 
  • If you have a 6 and under swimmer, you might consider volunteering for an AM shift as their meets end after event 46 and you are free to go home.


  • Healthy snacks and lots of water to stay hydrated (there are concessions at each meet but having your own stash is a good idea)
  • Cash for concessions (credit cards are accepted at Dillo home meets)
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Goggles and swim cap
  • EXTRA goggles and swim cap, towel
  • Activities for the kiddos to do in between events (ideas might include: coloring books, card games or other similar games, simple craft activities, etc…)
  • Foldable chairs, blankets, pillows, and quilts for ground coverage.
  • Family Canopy (optional). The team has a couple canopies set up which can accommodate a limited number of people (first come first serve) so if you have a canopy, it's always a good idea to bring it so you can ensure yourself a shady area. 


  • Look for the SSST tents and check in with the volunteer coordinator.
  • Check your swimmer in and get your swimmer(s) settled.
  • Set up your own area for the day
  • Swimmers will start warming up about a half hour after check in time.
  • Coaches will direct them on what they need to do.
  • Meets start with the National Anthem, immediately followed by the first event of the day. Follow along with your heat sheet so you can watch your swimmer race and cheer them on!
  • The events progress rapidly so it is important you and your child are aware of what race is running so your child doesn't miss a race!

EXTRA TIP: If you are volunteering when your swimmer is scheduled to race, just let someone in your area know and you can go watch. We want everyone to get to see their swimmers in the water! It also helps to connect with another parent who has a same age/gender swimmer so that they can make sure your kiddo gets to their race at the same time as their kiddo. 


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