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Swim Meet 101


Pack List:

  • SSST Swimsuit
  • SSST Swim-cap
  • At least one pair of goggles( 2 pair preferred in case one breaks)
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen/sunhat
  • Clothes/Coverup to wear between events if preferred
  • Healthy Snacks/Lunch (Fruit, veggies, granola bars, pretzels, cheese and non-soda drinks are perfect.)
  • Cash for Concessions at away meets (profits go to support our team). Our team accepts credit card payments.
  • Water bottle (clearly marked with swimmers name)
  • Chair for under the tent
  • Canopy or tent if you have one as shade is not provided by host.
  • Entertainment: Be prepared to sit around for several hours. Staying awake and alert will help you swim faster, so bring whatever keeps you happily entertained.
  • Sharpie (to write your child's name, event #, heat #, position on his/her back shoulder before the meet if you didn't do it the night before). DO NOT put sunscreen on before body marking, or the body marking will smear all over the place.

Additional Information

POOL LOCATION: Home meets are at Weed Recreational Center.

ARRIVAL TIME: Please arrive at the pool on time for all meets. The start time of the meets can be found in the Meet Sheet.

SIGNING-IN:  Have your child sign in for the meet upon arrival (at a table usually set up out front).  They will receive their event #s, which should be written on their hands.

RACES:  You (or your older children) are responsible for having your child ready at the starting blocks for each of their races.   Children 8 and under generally will line-up in the bull pen.  An announcement will be made about 15 minutes prior to the race for all 8 and unders to report the bull pen.  The bull pen 'mother' will organize children and bring them out to their races. 

RELAYS: Please don't cancel on relays, especially last minute - if your swimmer is signed up to swim the relay and for some reason you cannot stay, or make it, PLEASE INFORM the age group parents and head coach immediately. A relay is 4 swimmers and if one isn't there, the whole relay team has to forfeit. It makes everyone sad when this happens. When signing up for a meet, Swimtopia allows you to note your relay preference: Please indicate if your child won't be available for early or late relays. Final decisions on relays are made by the head coach.

WHAT YOUR SWIMMER SHOULD KNOW: First and foremost have fun! Do their best and enjoy the meet. PLEASE leave the coaching to our coaches and encourage your swimmers. If you are volunteering and leaving your swimmer especially our younger swimmers, please make sure they know where all their "stuff" is snacks, goggles, money and entertainment. 

HEAT RIBBONS: In an effort to have more kids have a chance we give out heat ribbons to first place swimmers in their heat. This is a reward for working hard in practice and improving their time to achieve first place in their heat. Please explain to your children the intention of heat ribbons and the importance of being a good sport.

Please MARK EVERYTHING with the swimmers name so we can avoid lost shirts, towels, caps, bathing suits, etc. The meet should finish between 1P and 2P. Again if you are leaving early please tell the age group parent. We encourage all parents and swimmers to stay until the end of the meet to cheer on all of our athletes!

VOLUNTEERS: If you have signed up to volunteer NO MATTER WHAT SHIFT, PLEASE check in with our volunteer coordinator as soon as you get to the pool. We LOVE our volunteers and like to know we have all our bases covered. 

HEAT SHEETS: Heat sheets will be available online Friday night before the meet. PLEASE print out your heat sheet and bring to the meet. There are no extras at the meet and none for sale. For our new parents, the heat sheet is the master key to the meet. All the events and swimmers are listed on the heat sheet. For our new swimmers, they will have NT next to their time which means NO TIME. Our returning swimmers will have their time from the previous year on the sheet. (At many meets, programs are available at the start of the meet for a small fee, usually between $1 and $5)

DISQUALIFIED: Swimmers will be DQ'd (disqualified) for improper strokes. If your child is DQ'd please assure your swimmer that it is okay and how proud you are of them for trying. The coaches do get a list of what the swimmer was DQ'd for and they will go over with the swimmers in practice!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our coaches and our parent leads will also be able to answer questions you might have at the meet. Most importantly HAVE FUN and ENJOY the day!

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